Steam Cleaning is the most recommended form of cleaning carpets by carpeting manufacturers. Steam penetrates deeply allowing for a cleaner carpet.

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Steam Cleaning Benefits

There are many reasons to have your carpets steam cleaned. The obvious reason is to remove the dirt, grime, and grease from your carpeting. Carpeting gets really dirty because of foot traffic, animals, spills, and they just get dirty over time. To keep your carpets looking new and last longer, regular steam cleaning is suggested by most carpeting manufacturers.

Not so obvious benefits of carpet steam cleaning.

Benefit One:

Regularly steamed cleaned carpets last longer

Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning method and emulsifies the dirt and grease so when we use our very high suction vacuum that is mounted in our van, we can completely remove all the dirt, grease, and excess water. When a carpet is cleaned with high-temperature steam, it removes any chemicals that may have been used in the past. After cleaning with steam the carpeting is restored to a like-new appearance, and the dirt, grease, and chemicals no longer continue to damage the carpet fibers.

Benefit Two:

Steam Cleaning kills dust mites and disinfects

In time your carpet attracts dust, allergens, pollen, dander, animal hair, and much more. Small animals, insects, and other unwanted creatures can find a home in your carpets and rugs. It is common to find dust mites and fleas living in the carpet fibers. The health of you and your family is at stake. Deep cleaning steam cleaning kills the fleas and dust mites and then extracted with our high-capacity truck-mounted vacuum system. After the flooring is disinfected, and the bugs killed it is much healthier for yourself and your children and the rest of your friends and family.

Benefit Three:

Steam Cleaning removes chemical residue

If you just take a look under the kitchen sink you can see the multitude of chemicals that are used around the home everyday. A large number of those chemical cleaning products are used on your carpet and rugs. Spot removers, deodorizers, and stain prevention products all find their way into the fibers of the carpet. Save money on a $4.50 can of do-nothing carpet foam cleaner. If you simply have your carpet's steam cleaned regularly your carpets will be cleaner, you will save money on cleaning products, and your home environment will be healthier.

Benefit Four:

Cleaning with steam removes odors

Most families have pets, whether it be a cat, dog, or pot belly pig; pets leave odors in your carpeting. It's not just pet it other odors like smoke, food, body odor, and who knows what else. Our professional steam cleaning equipment heats water to 230 degrees. This high temperature neutralizes odor and is destroyed. After cleaning your carpet it will be clean and smell great.

Texas Steam Cleaning

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